Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.0 is LIVE now

Best Cricket Scorer v2.0 FULL is LIVE now.

Includes the following amazing features:

* Delete Match - User can now delete match. Procedure to delete the match is Open Match -> Select any match -> Delete match -> Confirm action.
* Edit Match - User can now edit Team name and Team players even after the match or during the match. Procedure to edit the match details is Open match -> select any match -> Edit match -> Edit details and save
* Overall batsman stats and Overall bowler stats have Team wise filter
* New wicket options like Handled ball, Hit wicket, Hit twice, Time out etc.,
* Batsman Retire option - Choose different player during the match without choosing Wicket option, batsman will be considered as "Retired"
* Export Wagon wheel and Ball spot via mail, Bluetooth etc.,

Happy cricketing!!!