Thursday, 28 November 2013

Best Cricket Scorer v3.0 FULL and v4.0 FREE are now available with amazing features

Following are the features which took place in the new version:

* Themes (Black or White)
* Batsmen and Bowler pop-ups along with change indicator
* Retire or Replace player option included.
* FAQ screen
* Sort and Search on Overall Bats/Bowlers
* Override Target on the fly
* Classic Score sheet
* Updated UI
* Support for Android Jelly Bean and KitKat
* Wide + Byes + Wicket - Fixed
* Dot ball for Byes - Fixed
* Economy rate - Fixed
* Winning team - Fixed (For old matches, open and click any score button)

ENJOY! and have Happy Cricketing!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FREE v3.2.7 and FULL v2.2.7 are now available

FREE v3.2.7 and FULL v2.2.7 versions of BCS are now available which resolves unfortunate crash code found on v3.2.6 and v2.2.6. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!!

On other hand, I am very glad that we are able to find out the crash in hours of the launch. Heartiest thanks for the user who reported the crash.

Happy cricketing!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.2.3 and FREE v3.2.3

Best Cricket Scorer updates now available with Archive option and trendy looking UI.

Happy Cricketing!!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Best Cricket Scorer - Privacy Policy

Best Cricket Scorer - Privacy Policy

Purpose and Scope

This policy discloses what information application gather about you when you use Best Cricket Scorer. It describes how application use that information and how you can control it. Our privacy policy addresses:

  • Personal information
  • Information Application Gather
  • Notification of Changes

Personal Information

Best Cricket Scorer DOES NOT request any personal information. NO personal information is required to use the application. NO SIGN UP required.

Application NEVER share or publish any information without consent of the user.

Information Application Gather

Best Cricket Scorer gathers match details and player names. User can store email addresses where reports to be sent but user owns and user will have complete control over it. Email addresses are used by the application ONLY on user request to ONLY send reports related to Best Cricket Scorer.

Application NEVER automatically send or share any information to anybody.

Notification of Changes

When there are non-trivial changes to the Privacy Policy or to its Terms and Conditions, this document will be updated. So please take a look periodically.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.2.1 and FREE v3.2.1

Now Best Cricket Scorer comes with Team Management functionality.

Please upgrade and continue happy Cricketing!!!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.1.1 and FREE v3.1.1 is now LIVE

Most awaited feature is available! Now you can share the updated Compare Run Rate graph and Runs per over graph to your friends, coach and team mates.

Happy cricketing!!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.0 is LIVE now

Best Cricket Scorer v2.0 FULL is LIVE now.

Includes the following amazing features:

* Delete Match - User can now delete match. Procedure to delete the match is Open Match -> Select any match -> Delete match -> Confirm action.
* Edit Match - User can now edit Team name and Team players even after the match or during the match. Procedure to edit the match details is Open match -> select any match -> Edit match -> Edit details and save
* Overall batsman stats and Overall bowler stats have Team wise filter
* New wicket options like Handled ball, Hit wicket, Hit twice, Time out etc.,
* Batsman Retire option - Choose different player during the match without choosing Wicket option, batsman will be considered as "Retired"
* Export Wagon wheel and Ball spot via mail, Bluetooth etc.,

Happy cricketing!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Next version is in progress....

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.0 and Best Cricket Scorer FREE v3.0 developments are in progress. Features to be included in these versions are:
* Edit match -> Edit team names and Manage team players
* More wicket options
* Option to retired hurt
* View and Send more reports and graphs
* and more...

It will be worth waiting...!!