Saturday, 29 September 2012

v2.0 is now LIVE with excellent features

Main screen:
* Overall batsman stats - provides batsmen overall stats about matches, runs, balls, fours, sixes, not outs
* Overall bowler stats - provides bowler overall stats about matches, overs, wickets, runs, dot balls, fours, sixes etc.,
* Set Default Team - Supports from 1 player to 15 players. Can have min 1 player and max of 15 players

New match:
* Additional settings - new options like Wagon wheel, Ball spot, Preset teams are included
----Wagon Wheel - If enabled, just a single tap is enough to mark the ball position during scoring. Must needed for batsman to analyze his strong area.
----Ball Spot - If enabled, just a single tap is enough to mark the ball spot where it pitched during that delivery. Must needed for bowler to analyze his strong area of bowling
----Preset Teams - Enabled by default.
-------If disabled, you can type-in a new batsman or bowler name during the match.
-------If enabled, players can be selected from dropdown. No new players can be added.

Open match:
* UI change in match list. Now you can see Match date/time, Who vs Who @ Where, number of overs match, etc.,
* Improvised Reopen match

* If Preset team are disabled, Edit boxes instead of Dropdown for Batsmen and Bowler. So that you can add/edit batsman or bowler name dynamically
* Batsman change warning indicator
* Bowler change warning indicator

* Improvised "Undo"
* Improvised Orientation changes
* Stats:
----Improvised batsman and bowler scorecard
----Batsmen Wagon Wheels - for All or individual player with Singles, Twos, Threes, Fours, Sixes and others

----Bowler Ball Pitched Spot - for All or individual player with Wickets, Wides, Noballs, Fours, Sixes and others

----Runs per Over graph

----Compare Run Rate - Run graph with wickets for whole match

----Batsman stats for this match
----Bowler stats for this match


Friday, 14 September 2012

v1.1 is available for the past 1 week

Orientation issue was resolved.
Removed wait timers
and improved functionality