Saturday, 21 October 2017

YouTube Channel is now available for Best Cricket Scorer

YouTube channel is now available with tutorial videos. As a startup, you can see the following tutorial videos. More to come. Happy Cricketing!!

Add a team and players:
How to Create New Match:
Thanks for all your support!


  1. Hello Sir,

    What is Oreo support in your version?

    1. Android has restricted the file access for Share and Send. It has been included in v5.0.7.

  2. hi
    Can we get an ios version of this?

  3. Can't show winning margin after the match.....

  4. Great Post!!! Thanks for sharing.
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  5. Hi I would like to ask the following areas that appear to make this APP not usable in the Real world of scoring some are errors of laws and some are things that make it not usable in the real world

    1. The number of balls in an over is never EXACT umpires make errors in counting so an END OVER early and a CONFIRM END OF OVER is needed otherwise the system fails in use when this happens

    2. The Outs have some flaws certain outs such as Stumped Hit Wicket can also have an EXTRA WIDE that needs adding to that same delivery so a tick box for WIDE 1 as well as the wicket needs to be added