Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v4.0x and FREE v5.0 are now with Test Match Option

Best Cricket Scorer has been updated with following options:

* Test Match option
* Share score card as image through Whatsapp or similar applications.Preferably try Classic Scorecard (for Image)
* Improved Statistics
* Marshmallow support

Tune-in for more exciting features. Happy cricketing!!


  1. Great app. Just want to know how to end an over early (sometimes umpires count wrong). I could just add a bye with no runs, but that still counts as a ball against the batsman. Also, how to add an extra ball when max balls per over is set (again if the umpire counts wrong).

  2. I need to purchase the full version but I am told that its not available in my region.

  3. Cricket is the most thrilling game in the world after the football. The whole world is going crazy about the cricket due to its discipline and wonderful entertainment. In your blog I found almost every thrilling moment of the game and no doubt we really enjoy it. Looking for more thrilling moments soon.
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  4. When should we expect next updated version?

  5. i ant buy it from google store as it shows invalid card details. please solve my query

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  7. I have noticed if the batsman did not bat in a particular match but bowled a couple of overs in that match then in batsman stats app will not count a match but in bowling stats it will count
    Please fix this

  8. Is it possible to display the scores using an external display using a link or something???