Friday, 3 May 2013

Best Cricket Scorer FULL v2.1.1 and FREE v3.1.1 is now LIVE

Most awaited feature is available! Now you can share the updated Compare Run Rate graph and Runs per over graph to your friends, coach and team mates.

Happy cricketing!!!


  1. Replies
    1. This is an Android app. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download it from Google Play. If you already did and if you want to know how to update, Go to Google play store and choose options -> My Apps and choose update on on Best Cricket Scorer.

  2. Can matches setting be altered once the match has started? I need to be able turn off re-balls and set runs for wides and no balls for all but the last over when I need to turn on re-balls and change runs for wides and no balls.
    If you can make it do that it will make an good app into a brilliant one. Great work

    1. I can do that. But it is not easy to do it in mobile application. It will occupy huge memory and calculations will become complicated. Let me analyze the feasibility and let you know about it. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try my level best.


  3. Hello Ganapathy i bought you Scorer App and it is brilliant .i have 2 questions forr you
    1. i need to input games from the beginnining of the season to get correct stats for the players for the season.Can i do This and how
    2 i have the latest version but i cannot find the batting wagon Wheel, please indicate where i can access this on the App
    Great App
    please keep up the good work and development.
    Yours in cricket

    1. 1. Uploading previous games are not possible at this time. But there is a plan to include this feature in near future.
      2. Wagon wheel can be found at "Match additional settings" when creating the match or by choosing "Match settings" during the match. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for your review! Happy cricketing!!

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