Thursday, 16 August 2012


Best Cricket Scorer - An Android app

You can now maintain your Cricket scorecard in a single touch using Best Cricket Scorer. Light weight, fastest and easiest application to maintain the score for all forms of Cricket. This is supported from Android v2.3 to the latest. Very attractive User interface (UI) provides the best view-ability and clear information.

Best Cricket Scorer provides you a very unique set of configurations like:
Wide ball Re-ball (Yes/No)
No ball Re-ball (Yes/No)
Leg Byes (Yes/No)
Byes (Yes/No)
Run(s) for Wide ball: [ 1 ] default. You can change as your wish
Run(s) for No ball: [ 1 ] default.

Ball by ball summary, Match summary, Match Statistics and Innings statistics can be generated and even you can send that to your friends using Bluetooth, GMail etc.,

You can create your default teams and can be retrieved when setting up a New Match.

Best Cricket Scorer provides you the best option of SAVE and RESUME options. DO NOT WORRY about accidental or incidental log off. When opening the match starts from where you left.

Next best feature is UNLIMITED UNDO. You can undo every last ball till the beginning of the MATCH. Yes, and also with lightening fast.

Last but not least, it's FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!


For Ads-Free version, please visit Best Cricket Scorer+.

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